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The Lucky Squirrel Scratcher® / Lucky Coin® / My Lucky Lottery Charm® Coin
and Lucky Pins were inspired by LUCKY Black & White Squirrels.
Designed By TLC's Squirrel Millionaire Ric Wallace

Lucky Coin V1.0
Lucky Coin Keychain V1.0
Lucky Coin V2.0
Lucky Coin Keychain V2.0


Lucky Coin V3.0
Lucky Coin Keychain V3.0

Drawstring Bag for Lucky Coin 2" x 2.25
Wear these pins for LUCK
or use to hold potiental winning tickets on a corkboard.
White Squirrel Pin
Black Squirrel Pin
Horse Pin
3 Pack Of Pins

The SPORTS CAR WON using Squirrel LUCK


The Lottery Squirrel Lucky Number Generator

Pick out of numbers


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